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National History Day in Arizona

Southern Arizona Regional Competition Results


Junior Group Exhibit

First place: The Policy That Changed China: The Debate, Diplomacy and the Effect of the One-Child System on China and the World, Anaya B and Emily M

Junior Paper

First place: Behind the Black Ink: The Debate and Diplomacy on Censorship in World War II, Brad W

Senior Group Documentary

                Second place: Protecting Its Sovereignty: The Legacy of Ethiopia, Sunmit H and Michael M

First place: Diplomacy with a Swing: The Brubeck Quartet and the "Behind the Iron Curtain" Tour, Senou K, Ajay T, and Sam T

Senior Group Exhibit

First place: Exposing the Dirty, Dirty War: Hidden Secrets and Controversies, Dae-Kyung K, Neha M, and Mark Z

Senior Group Website

                First place: Stunted Debate, Silent Death: The AIDS Epidemic in the 1980s, Navya B and Vidya I

Senior Individual Exhibit

                Second place: From Harlem to Europe: Cultural Diplomacy, Michaela T

First place: The Pink Triangle: The Debate Regarding Its Original Usage and the Diplomatic Movement to Repurpose the Symbol as one of Resistance and Liberation, Anna H

Senior Individual Website

                First place: "Eugenics Movement of the United States: A Failure in Diplomacy", Matty M

Senior Paper

First place: The Women’s Army Corps: The Debate Surrounding Women in the Army and the Impact of World War II Sparking Diplomatic Efforts to Promote Equality for Women, Chloe B

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Welcome Judges! 

Thank you for your support of National History Day in Arizona!

Please click on the Judge's link on the top menu to register to judge for the Southern Arizona Regional Competition. Once registered you will receive materials on the 2022 theme: Debate and Diplomacy: Successes, Failures, and Consequences. Be prepared to attend online and in-person judge training.

Thank you in advance for your time and support of National History Day in Arizona.

If you have any questions please contact nhdaz@azhs.gov




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